Sunday, 20 June 2010

Hand made flower swap

Here's a yummy example,click the flower to see how it was made

Come and join in with our hand made flower swap Its going to be awesome.All you do is add your

name to the list We then chose a date to send them of to sue,who will send us one of each back.
Now theres some very clever ladies making flowers so we will get some great ideas for making
more hand made items for our craftiness lol .They can be as simple or as intricate as you like.
Some ideas: you can use:
paper......fabrice.....felt.....plastic.....pucnches,anything your heart desires,if like me you haven't tried to
make flowers,just use our good friend Google lol that's what im doing,i cant believe how many different ideas there are out there!!


topkatnz said...

Interesting swap - handmade flowers are so cool - have fun!

sue said...

This is cool, Carol! I dont have any puff paint nowadays. I used it alot on kids clothes years ago and then it went out of fashion. Or else having homemade clothes did!! LOL! Hoping we might get one of these from you!

Sonya said...

Love this flower Carol, the centre looks like a choclate button! Im all signed up and my flowers are on the go :-)

Carol said...

lol Sonia,i thought the same thing