Sunday, 29 August 2010

spring clean!!! yea im early lol

I know its not spring yep BUT!!
My scrap area is in dire need of a good sort out
and tidy up,the flowers above were all
mixed up together,now look how pretty they
look and so easy for me to find.
Hmm this is some of my inks!!
Did i ever mention i LOVE ink lol.
These little baby's are next on the list
Now this mess is what i call my treasure draw
Not sure how much is treasure and how much
is junk lol.I'm a wee bit of a collector........
you know "i might use that on a layout ONE DAY"
I should be doing a layout as i have one due on Tuesday,yikks!!
So best i get back to my mess.I will update along the way,
maybe i will inspire you to have a sort to,or you might like
to leave me some tips lol.Right next is Inks and Buttons..........


Alison said...

Can i ask where you got your zutter closure thing from in that last photo. I have jsut got myself a zutter and while using google for inspiration have seen these being used and they look great. Love your flowers in their colours.....always nice to get things cleaned and sorted isnt it

Carol said...

I think i got it from spot light,but it would have been a while back.sorry i cant be more helpful

topkatnz said...

Wow that's a heap of inkpads there Carol! I have ummmm, eight(and three of them are pinecone!!heehee).

Anonymous said...

OMG I need your flower stash that is devine.