Saturday, 28 August 2010

Stunning photos

There is only one good thing about starting work
at 6am,and that's sights like this.I have a large
bay window in the kitchen,and when i got up to make
my coffee on Wednesday,this is the view i had,my
whole kitchen had this amazing pink tinge to it
And this photo was taken with livys camera,which
is WAY better than mine,i love how the water droplets
have been captured.I would really love a decent camera
Maybe Santa might bring me one if I'm very very very
good lol,it makes such a difference.Anyway just thought
id shear these with you.Thanks for visiting,please do leave
a comment so i can come visit you.TYFL


Mrs Frizz said...

gorgeous photos - both of them ... top photo though - well that's a stunner.

Brenda said...

Amazing Morning setting and gorgeous pic of the little one.
Put the Camera on the wishlist and Hint Hint Hint or maybe nag nag nag might work??

Louise Williams said...

gorgeous pics chickie!! know what you mean about cameras though, there's no way my current one would capture the water like that either. Good job I've been good all year huh? lol