Thursday, 24 February 2011

Help.. CHCH bottle drive" updated "

Thanks New Zealand couriers for covering
the freight cost to send our bottles to
To day when i got home there was a big parcel
waiting for me...YES....BOTTLES..yayyyy
These 4 were done by Sonia,iv put them up as
she has printed of a cute poem and stuck
it to each bottle,what a neat idea,I know she
wont mind if i use the same idea with a different
poem,its a good way of hiding the join to
I thought i would put up a few photos of what

i have received so far
If your making a bottle or sending items
this might help with ideas

I can break up packets and mix the different items
in each bottle.I have a couple of lovely friends
Cherie and Ann who i have asked to help me put
all the fabulous goodies that need packing
into bottles. You are all just so awesome for helping
thank you all so very much.

A couple of tips that have been passed on to me
: Get the bottles nice and dry by putting in the hot water cupboard
: Chocolate tends to melt,use sealed packets for sweets

Keep it coming ,your fantastic xxx

Sonia's very first bottle.... Thanks its fabulous :)

If you would like to help give a child in Christchurch a little distraction,you could join us in marking a bottle filled with goodies like small colouring in book and pens/games/spinning tops a few sweets that kind of thing.I have a link to show you how to make one,its very very easy
check it out here its called
( plastic gift bottle tutorial) the best size bottle is either a 750ml or a 1 ltr drink bottle,if you would rather send the goodies to me, i will put them in a bottle for you.Try to make it generic if possible but if not mark it Boy or girl.

Also please put your name and address or e-mail with your goodies. so i know where they come from if i need to get in touch.

I will pass these on to either the salvation army or red cross.There must be some very frightened kids down there,they look to the adults for safety,and many of them are frightened and confused right now.

Please e-mail me for any information or questions and my address.
and remember a little can make a BIG difference. If you have any ideas or suggestions about this please do share by leaving a comment.

Thanks Carol..... Big hug to you all in Christchurch,we are thinking of you.

EDITED 25-2-11
I will edit this post each time for now as i wont this to stay at the top of my Blog.
I received enough items today to create 14 bottles,i also added a picture of Sonia's bottle
I will hunt out more bottles over the weekend so i can make these up.
Thanks so much to Rubbadubbadoo stamps and Kay's Cards for kicking this of.

Edited 27-2-11

Just a quick update,i have had contact from a few people offering to make a bottle
or 2 or 4 even, Thank you so very much,these will arrive as they are finished,I grabbed
a few more things today and thought i would share in case your wonting ideas.
I got small laser lights with a bright light as well, the type you put on a key ring,
also a few small torches and batteries,small game boards (eg snakes and ladders)
that fit in the bottles.
Play fish and snap cards,little girls hair clips and necklaces,sets of small
cars and trucks which i will break up and some small soft balls.I'm getting a
good collection of things now.Tomorrow i will ring coca cola and see if i can
get a few empty 1.5 ltr bottles,i cant drink that fast lol.
Thank you all so much for helping out im sure what ever we put in will be
really appreciated.


Sonya said...

Awesome idea Carol, Love it! I've made a start. :-)

Brenda said...

Brilliant I will help you out on this but as I live in the wop wops it will be late next week before I can get to town to get some goodies will this be ok?

carol said...

Thats great thanks so much,i will send them of in a few weeks so people have time to join in

Tanya W said...

Carol ive sent you a PM through scrappin patch, i would love to join in when you over at scrappin patch next could you please send me your address so i can send them to you once they are done, thats what your wanting done ah? great idea

carol said...

Thanks so much Tanya,i have PM you my address.

Robbi Bell said...

Wonderful Idea, I will put a couple of these together for you and send them up.
It is totally unbelievable to think this is all happening just a couple of hours up the road from us.

carol said...

Thanks so much Robbie,i have sent you my address

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, Karen from Inkspiration in Invercargill. What a wonderful idea. Please send me address details etc and I can send out on my newsletter list which is huge!
Keep up the wonderful work.

Raewyn aka whinney said...

Please send me your address Carol, its pay day today so I can go shopping for some treats to fill the four bottles I have. Any ideas how to get the labels off the bottles?
Raewyn (

Carol said...

Hi Raewyn,thanks so much,i have sent you an e-mail.If any one has a good way to get those pesky labels of let us know,or just cut your flap where the label is and once sealed cover it with a pretty label

Sonya said...

Turps on a dry cloth works a treat on the lables, just peel the top layer off first (easy to do if you give the bottles a short soak in hot soappy water)Then use the turps on the sticky stuff.
My bottles are on their way to you Carol.