Saturday, 12 March 2011

CHCH Bottle Drive 12-3 update

Hows every one doing with there bottles? The ones i have
look fabulous thank you.If i haven't supplied my address
or you have lost it just leave a message here or e-mail me,
and i will send it out.

After chatting with the lovely Brenda from Nelson, I looked into finding an appropriate person for those of you
in the south island to send your bottles to,which would
save you a heap on postage or freight,especially if you have
made a few,Her name is Ashleigh,she was one the the comfort
crusaders,If you prefer to send to Ashleigh just let me know
and i will send her address to you.

Thank you all so very much for helping make this happen.


Brenda said...

Thats' really good of Ashleigh as it will save us double posting, from one island to the other then back again. I am not in the deep south Hun, I am at the Top Of The South Island in among the Marlborough Sounds near French Pass and Durville Island. Google Okiwi Bay- Marlborough and take a peek one day, I will send you a wave LOL

Carol said...

lol opps well when you said you lived way out in the wipwops for some reason i had this picture in my head of way down south,of to google it hehe

Brenda said...

Dija find me then???

Carol said...

I sure did,what a stunning place and look at this link,they have a seahorse