Monday, 28 March 2011

new arrivals...

To day i had 2 delivery's,these lovely bottles come

all the way from Sharon in Balclutha,they look great This box was put together by Lynda and her two children,Katelyn and Max from Napier,they did a smashing job decorating them. Brenda has kindly collected some from Kay and Vicky and is sending them up with all hers,you ladies rock This is a box i was packing up last night, i sent 2 more lots off to day, to the sellys in chch,So far i have sent of 41 bottles and thats not counting the ones that arrived today.They have come from all over the place,it really gives me faith in the human race to see that people care about other people still. My Mum always told me "giveing is so much better than reciveing"