Sunday, 29 November 2009

Birthday winner is

Well i had a lovely birthday,the flowers above were from my eldest son T, its the biggest bunch
of flowers i have ever got and they smell Devinne,i couldn't even put my arms around them.
Any way i have done a random draw for a lovely scrap pack,which i haven't photographed lol sorry! and the winner is Tilly/Jane,thank you all so much for your comments.
Could you send me your address Jane and i will send this of to you.


Sonya said...

What lovely flowers Carol! Lucky you. Im pleased to see you were well looked after on your special day.
Well done Jane :-D

Jane said...

Thank you Carol I have emailed my addy to you.Lucky girl the flowers are so gorgeous so pleased you had a great birthday... Your circle journal looks amazing too..

Sonya said...

Hi Carol. Hehe,I used to have a hawk as well, retreved from the road side. His wing had been broken so he never flew again :-( We had Jasper for a couple of years, then we moved from the small township of Kurow to the whop- whops of Duntroon, and Jasper shifted from a back yard to a huge padock. All went well for several months until Jasper drowned in the cows drinking trough. Very very sad !