Monday, 9 November 2009

sketch book retreat

Well i survived yet another sketch book retreat lol,i had a
great time as always,although had to have a nap when
i got home lol
The food was gorgeous and flowing as always

Here we are in the main hall,when i looked at this
photo i wondered how many thousands of dollars
was sitting in this room....well we are addicts after all!!!

At last i got to meet the lovely Jane aka Tilly
I missed her at SENZ, shes great,I'm looking
forward to catching up again at the next retreat

Now these 2 Devinne Lady's are Ann and Lyn
( camp mother and camp leader)
they won the best dressed costume,you had to
be there to really appreciate these 2 lol they
carried this of perfectly.wtg girls

And here are Josie and the pussy cats
Cherie,Leanne and I,doing a guitar demo lol

I will be back with photos of the cool canvas i did in
Leanne's class when i get a decent shot in the day light.
I really in joyed doing it.


Jane said...

You took some awesome photos Carol sorry I missed saying good bye it was great to meet you too and I am so looking forward to March.....

Jane said...

I just had a thought would you email a copy of your photos my love?

cheers Carol have a great week and hey I had a nap too I was so na------.....:)

Sonya said...

Love love love these photos Looks like you all are having so much fun
:-) Wish I could have been there!