Sunday, 22 November 2009

Circle Journal

My Circle journal has returned home all
finished and looking fabulous.Thanks so
much for all your wonderful work girls.
My journal looks awesome.
This is My front cover,i chose nursery rhymes
as my theme
Just look at all the gorgeous colours

This is my left hand side introduction page

And this is the right hand side,the little pockets
hold the tags that each of us decorated and
wrote a little about ourselves on
Now i got these OH SO CUTE mice stamps at S.E.N.Z
and was desperate to use them,so for my rhyme
i did Hickory Dickory Dock....of course lol
this is the right hand side

The first person to receive my journal was Sonia,

I love all the hand painting and drawing,and
that super little spiders Webb is so neat.
Next to get my journal was Sue,her rhyme
Now i am a sucker for music papers i just love them
and check out all the cutting out,some of this is popped
up.I had forgotten all the verses for this rhyme
and loved getting the whole rhyme
Next to receive the journal was Amanda,her rhyme
is ROCK A BYE BABY,this is just soooo cute
I love the colours and all the cutting out is perfect

Next was Dianne,who did
HUMPTY DUMPTY,Just check out
the brick paper!! its perfect for this
again lots of cutting out,and some of him is
popped up also.I love the way the lace runs
along the edge to match with the shape of the page
And the lucky last one to receive my journal was
Cherie,who did LITTLE JACK HORNER,
i love the colours,and the inky smudges,little jack
has been cut out and is popped up on the frame,
with old music paper as the back ground.


Sonya said...

Hi girlfriend. I totally LOVE your journal, its awesome to see the end result!
Thanks for getting this swap off the ground! XX
AND HAPPY BIRTJDAY to you happy birthday to you.... hope you have had a wonderful day. Big Hugs xx

Jane said...

Hi Carol happy belated birthday my friend tell me it was painless lol its my turn next..Your journal is fantastic ..I did a circle journal last year and its so special oh thanks for the photos too ..... :)

Unknown said...

your finished journal turned out gorgeous carol, had so much fun doing them, happy belated bday xx

sue said...

Your journal is gorgeous, Carol. It is great to see it finished.I loved the vintage colours.
I also loved the pages you did in my journal, especially the colours and the booklet!! :)