Saturday, 10 January 2009

I found Treasure

I just had to shear these pictures with you, I went to my sisters yesterday and we went through
her trunk full of old stuff looking for old photos and we found some great treasures.My Dad had
an artificial leg from the knee down, and all i ever new was he was knocked of his motorbike
on his way home from work, i never new when or where or any details and i guess i never asked because that was Dad, and that's the only way i had known him. I also found a good photo of me and dad together, the few i had were not clear at all,my dad was the sweetest man, looking back now i think my mum got a very special man. Now CHECK OUT the skinny chick up top.......
look at that waist line lol ......... i wonder where that went ??? this is from back left to right..
Richard (now my darling hubby) me ( the skinny chick) Robert a close family friend, and from front left Alan (my brother) and Peter (his best mate, and my sisters boyfriend at the time)
Im so pleased we got photos back then or i wouldn't believe i was that skinny .
I had the strangest day today, i left my sisters about 1pm drove to mums in pukekohe which is about 20 minuts drive, when i got there i had an awful headache and felt a little sick so took a couple of panadole, had a quick cupa tea and set of for home, by the time i got to manukau my head was thumping and my eyes wonted to shut, i got to the off ramp at Mt wellington and parked the car, locked my self in and put the seat back and closed my eyes, trying to relax to stop the banging head,it must have been about 3.30 i guess, next thing i know I'm waking up and its 5.30, my head felt a little better so i headed home..... How weired is that! Iv never had that happen to me. Sort of freaked me out a little.


Mrs Frizz said...

Definitely treasures - what a find ... woo hoo ... go you!!!

Sounds like a migraine to me and may you not have another one!!!

Sonya said...

You poor thing. I sure hope that headace was a one off and that you are feeling 100% again now Carol.
How exciting to come across those special photos and news paper clipping. Look forward to seeing a scrapbook page!!

Cherie said...

OOh Carol, hope you are feeling better. Sending xx and oo your way. Cherie

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nasty migraine Carol! Love you sharing your cool treasures - what a FOX ;o) Neat to have a good pic of you & your dad too - You've made me think about photos with my Dad - not sure I have many childhood ones...must check it out.
Congrats on the Scrapbook Studio DT gig - you're gonna be awesome. You're work is fabulous & so full of depth I love it!