Wednesday, 21 January 2009

ATC Swap

My turn to do the ATC swap , i have just started getting into these cute little cards.
The picture above i found for inspiration
The theme this round is "cats" BIG CATS LITTLE CATS FUNNY CATS anything to do with cats, there are 9 spaces so come
and join us here , some of the ones i have seen have been so beautifully done.
Wont some inspiration? well there is a blog here to. Being new to these i have been looking
at how others do them and wow some people have some very cool ideas, so looks like I'm
hooked lol


Sonya said...

What a hard case picture carol! That sure has me thinking! I have just completed a puzzle piece and the theme for that was Big Cats, so I have plenty of ideas, guess I should go put my name down!