Thursday, 15 January 2009

ATC love

Sorry I had to scan this in as its to dark for a photo, Well my first week back at work and my
sleeping is all over the place, partly from the heat and partly just me being me, so what do i
do when i cant sleep .......... make ATCs ! I got this gorgeous lot of gold brocade, its perfect for
these, it gives it a nice rich look which lifts the whole thing.
I will hopefully start on my altered book this weekend, i have everything i need i just have to be brave and go for it lol.........well of to bed i guess catch yas later


Mrs Frizz said...

Cool wee ATC ...

Looking forward to show and tell with your altered book. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous ATC Carol, have you checked your emails lately????...LOL

Sonya said...

Go for it Carol! Your book will rock! I need to find time to get back onto the one I began 2 years ago!!!