Thursday, 1 January 2009

My Mission in 2009

I have been interested in altered books ever since i saw my first one,I
attempted one but wasn't happy with the way it looked,so over the holidays i have been learning how to do them properly so they stay flat
and in tacked for years to come,the above one was made by Jill Steffy,its on Art chicks site here , so i now have buckets of inspiration and keen to get started. I have also purchased a great book with the techniques you need
to end up with a "hopefully" stunning piece of art to pass on.
So if anyone is keen to do one i will post the "how tos "once a week so
we can make our own master piece .


Cherie said...

i will check this out to, you can keep me updated on your progress. Did you finish the treasure box for your sister?

Carol said...

yes the box is done and dusted,Hmmm
I might have a surprise for you,will chat to hubby and get back to you ok